-Violence against women starts in the womb

The Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee.
Re Medicare funding for sex selection abortions

To whom it may concern;

I, like the majority of Australians, am strongly opposed to Medicare funding for later term sex selection abortions. Research by the Adelaide Sexton Marketing Group, the School of Population Health at Melbourne University and a Galaxy poll of 300 Tasmanians in February all showed by far the greatest majority of Australians do not believe sex selection abortions should be legal let alone government funded.

Later term sex selection abortion is increasing but that does not alter the fact that it remains morally repugnant to the greatest majority of people. In the study for the Southern Cross Bioethics Institute even 82% of respondents who claimed they were ’strongly pro-abortion’ did not believe sex selection abortion should be legal. The recent Galaxy poll in Tasmania showed 92% of the respondents disapproved of sex selection abortions. Furthermore, the Council of Europe, in 2011, expressed their concern over this rise in sex selection abortions demanding statistics from member nations. Similarly, the United Nations condemned sex selection abortion in a 2011 report. They estimate 200 million females are demographically missing worldwide. This trend will result in ever widening gender imbalances which will, of course, cause serious long term consequences.

The destruction of healthy viable pre born children because of their sex must become unlawful discrimination. Australia has anti discrimination laws in place to prevent sexist prejudice, discrimination and the wanton destruction of life? Parents are under no obligation to keep their children after they are born; they are however under obligation to care for the child while in their care. It is not right for a child to be killed because of their natural sex. They must be protected and to withdraw Medicare funding is the least we can do to protect these unborn children.

A landslide majority opposes later term sex selection, even those who consider themselves to be strongly pro abortion. There is a growing worldwide concern over the increasing number of sex selection abortions and the disparity that brings. Sex selection abortion is sexist discrimination. We can either contribute to the problem or contribute to the solution.

Please contribute to the solution by withdrawing Medicare funding for sex selection abortions.

Yours sincerely
Sandra Caddy