Violence against women

Politicians participate in the march on ‘white ribbon day’ – the campaign to prevent men’s violence against women – as if they were serious about ending the violence and weren’t complicit in legalising a great many abuses against women.

In Australia shocking abuses against women, such as sexploitation and the gratuitous violence of women in porn scenes, are legally viewed as entertainment.

The porn industry is a multibillion dollar business.  In ‘Big Born Inc: exposing the harms of the global  pornography industry’, Melinda Tankard Reist and Abigail Bray’s research reveal, ‘Pornography money is buying governments, academic research, national and international corporations and law enforcement agencies.

Similarly the multi national abortion industry is big bucks.  Unfortunately there is no legal requirement for a distressed pregnant woman to be provided with options such as independent counseling, pregnancy support or holistic care when she sees a doctor.  The abortion law in Victoria does not even require the mandatory reporting of suspected child/teenage victims of sexual abuse when a suspected abuser takes them to an abortion clinic. [VicHansard 3492-3498] so we have in effect, the legal sanctioning of abuse in Australia.  Perhaps even worse, the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 (Vic) Section 8 prevents doctors fulfilling their professional duty to help their patients to make informed decisions about their health care under the threat of losing their right to practice medicine.   A doctor is no longer free to explore any underlying reasons which may be causing a woman to contemplate an abortion .

In Australia, violence against women will only increase if the needs of community  are made subservient to the the needs of big business.  Laws must be  changed to protect all Australian citizens from unscrupulous ‘business’ practices and ‘service’ providers.

The Rise Up Australia Party will stand to right the wrongs and end human rights abuses against men and women and most importantly, protect children through legislation.  Please stand with us.

 Doctors 4 Freedom of Conscience

Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 18

International civil-political-human Rights

Victorian Charter of Human Rights Secction14

 The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Section 14