Multiculturalism – What is it?

Well, despite the placards and cries of racist,  multiculturalism has absolutely nothing to do with race.    The left leaning have shown themselves to be very slow in catching on to this fact as have the media who persist in calling proponents of multiculturalism anti racist, implying thereby, that those opposed to multiculturalism must be by default, racist.

Multiculturalism  refers to the notion that everyone can coexist within one nation or within one state under two totally conflicting sets of law.  That is, Sharia Law for the Muslims and our existing laws, based on our western democracy, for all other citizens however the creep of Sharia is obvious and the results are proving disastrous for all the western democracies who have tried to embrace multiculturalism.

Following is my submission into multiculturalism (2011?), a couple of letters and documented thoughts to illustrate  my position