Why am I contesting the seat of Bendigo for the Rise Up Australia Party?

It’s really very simple.

Western democracies are disintegrating on a massive scale and those with the law degrees or experience as unionists appear to be at a loss of how to turn things around.  Even worse, deliberately acerbate or turn a blind eye to the burgeoning problems we are facing and soon must face if solutions are not quickly put in place.

The deceptively named ‘Free-trade’ policy has sent our manufacturing into free fall hypo drive – as to be expected.

With increasing frequency, we hear the rumblings of civil unrest, civil uprisings and have experienced a number of terrorist attacks which many had foreseen as inevitable considering current lax policy.

If you have the stomach for it, click here and take a look at Australia’s rapidly growing trillions dollar national debt and watch the speed with which our debt has spiralled out of control.

Now please  pause to reflect on the long term consequences for Australia if we continue to vote for short term gain and instant gratification with dollars in our pocket now; that’s dollars that don’t even exist on the one hand or if we vote for a globalised economy on the other.  Both extremes have contributed to the demise of Australian’s economic well being so rather than just putting my head in the sand and not voting for parties who have proved unequal or unwilling to the task at hand I stand .

The ongoing and tragic selloff of our Australian land, infrastructure and industry into 100% foreign ownership was not, and is not, inevitable.  This tragic betrayal of the Australian people is the direct consequence of political policy.

Despite pouring vast amounts of money into the education system Australian student’s academic standards are falling fast along with our youths hope for a bright future or even any future at all.

We have cruel policies which do not prioritise an adequate and affordable water supply to Aussies working the land to supply us with our most basic and essential needs and policy which does not protect their farm gate price from the current unscrupulous and powerful duopoly or cheap foreign imports.

Such policies should be a criminal offense.

Depression and suicide are on the radar like never before as is drug abuse and human abuses of the most debase nature.

Our volunteer fire fighters risk their lives to protect Australia and Australian’s.  They must be allowed to have a greater input into the way our bush is to be managed.  Recent practices have ensured the risk of bush fire will intensify with each passing year of governmental mismanagement yet is passed off as a result of ‘climate change’ and it is you and I who must compensate for this with yet another ‘levy’.

Unfortunately those in power make special allowances to protect themselves while in office and to feather their nests with comfort when they retire; well padded from the injustice they created.

Here is a chilling quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, ‘Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.  Not to speak is to speak.  Not to act is to act.’  We in the Rise Up Australia Party believe the solutions are not as difficult or as futuristic as many would have us believe.

We cannot wait for tomorrow to make a stand, for tomorrow may not allow us that privilege as we are increasingly losing even our right to peaceful protest,  our right to freedom of speech and our freedom of conscience despite being enshrined in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which Australia is a signatory and Section 14 of the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 not to mention losing our freedom of religion to the powerful LGBTI movement.

‘The only reason evil triumphs is because good men and women do nothing’.  Please don’t stand back – Australia needs you; we need you.  Please step forward and stand with the Rise Up Australia Party; together we can do what we cannot do alone; together we can reclaim, restore Australia for the generations to come.