-Education or Indoctrination

Education or Indoctrination in Australia?

Education is a universal feature of human societies;[1] everyone is educated and everyone educates, yet the term and the practice, like politics, remains strongly contested.[2]

Appropriate text and the content of curriculum is heavily contested by political agendas and minority and majority political groups.

It is not surprising to us that ISIS declared that there was to be new rules and a new curriculum at the start of the academic school year in Iraq. The new rules declared patriotic songs blasphemous (Perhaps like Daniel Andrews considers Christmas carols offensive) and ordered that certain pictures were to be torn from textbooks.[3]


Mussolini refused to compromise about the right of the state to educate children. “In this matter”, he declared before the Chamber of Deputies, “we are intractable. Teaching must be ours”.[4]

Now why would that be?  Plato, seen by many as one of the founding fathers of educational thinking, saw education as the key to creating and sustaining his Republic.[5]

And like our previous Rudd government Mussolini further proclaimed,

History had been taught in a disorganised manner.  Henceforth it was to be disciplined … New readers were composed and made compulsory for eight-year olds.[6]

John Dewey said ‘Schools do have a role – and an important one – in the production of social change’. It would appear that the purpose of education is to set up the structure and culture of a state.

Are Australian schools used as political tools to impart social values and beliefs?  They certainly could be.  The Australian Curriculum is developed for all students from prepatory to Year twelve.[7]  The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) plays an active role in shaping the direction of this work.[8]  The VCAA describes themselves as ‘an independent statutory body directly responsible to the Victorian Minister for Education’ and yet the VCAA also explains their board consists of 8-15 members appointed by Governor-in-Council on nomination by Minister of Education.  A board appointed by Governor-in Council on nomination of the Minister of Education and directly responsible to the Minister of Education is not independent, nor is it free from political agendas or bias.  Furthermore, the structure and content of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) incorporates the shared personal and social values that have been out lined in nationally agreed policy documents.[9] Education in Australia is therefore very political and plays a very powerful role in shaping our current and future societies.

In the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians all of the Australian Education Ministers agreed that ‘Schools play a vital role in promoting the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral, spiritual and aesthetic development and wellbeing of young Australians ensuring the nation’s ongoing economic prosperity and social cohesion’.[10] This statement begs the question, ‘Schools play a vital role in promoting whose values?  Most probably not your values but they will become your children’s or your grandchildren’s values.  Like ISIS, our public schools are being used to promote political ideology/agendas.  It is no surprise then that one of the four priorities of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) is to ‘strengthen public confidence in world-class school education system, with a strong and vibrant government school sector at its core’.  Can we discern our final destination by the direction we are travelling?

The content of the Australian Curriculum is saturated by the political agendas of various pressure groups.  ‘Sustainability’  ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures’ and ‘Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia’ are cross curriculum priorities to be taught in all subjects including Health and Physical Education. A one sided and negative view of Christianity is presented despite the positive development of human rights, hospitals and charities being the product of Christianity and despite over 60% of Australians identifying as Christian.  These priorities are ideologically driven and  inappropriate considering Australian teenagers’ reading and maths skills have fallen so far in a decade that nearly half lack even basic maths skills and a third are practically illiterate.[11]

In recent years, many people across Australia were ‘up in arms’ at the suggestion of a government media watch dog.  Australians wouldn’t allow the government to use taxpayer funding to set up a nationwide chain of public newspapers, and compel all citizens to study them and yet that is effectively what our education system does with our children.

Sexuality education has been identified as an essential curriculum component of health education. In ‘Catching on Early: Sexuality Education for Victorian Primary Schools’ The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS), Family Planning Australia and Rainbow Network are the organisations listed for additional professional learning. Whose values will they impart to the teachers/students?  They are certainly not imparting my values and probably not yours either?

Professor Marian Pitts, director of ARCSHS requested that ‘Laws forcing HIV-positive people to disclose their HIV – positive status before having sex should be repealed’.  Your values?  Family Planning Victoria advises, ‘Genital Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is so common it’s almost considered a normal part of being sexually active’ so be happy, don’t worry is implied? Are these the values you want imparted to your children?  The Rainbow Network provides schools/students with some interesting resources such as the Pridentity Kit (check it out online) which described itself as ‘… an effort to cement sexual diversity into the curriculum of schools, normalising and celebrating the [sexual] diversity of their communities’. I have no doubt that it has and will if it is allowed to continue.

The deceptively name Safe Schools program remains voluntary indoctrination however will become mandatory indoctrination should the left or the extreme left of politics win the upcoming elections thereby denying all parents the freedom and their right to choose what family values are taught to their children.  The American College of Pediatricians says, “Conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is [actually] child abuse” .  In a recent interview, Victorian mother, Cella White shares how she discovered she did not have the option to disagree with or remove her children from the teaching which clashed with her values and the values she wished to impart to her children.[12]

Australian history reveals that education was not established for a fair and equitable Australia but rather there was and is within education, a hidden curriculum – but now perhaps no longer quite so hidden.[13]

Some countries are more ‘progressive’ than Australia.  Germany has imposed heavy fines and sent both men and women to jail for daring to remove their children from the Sex Ed components of the curriculum[14].  In some instances children have been forcibly removed from their homes and placed into state care. A district court in Darmstadt, Germany revoked custody of four children from their parents and ordered it turned over to the Jugendamt, Germany’s child protective agency not in 1942 but in 2012.[15] The reason? The state wants to prevent parallel societies. Germany is not the only country that wants to prevent parallel societies. ‘[American] father of 6-year-old arrested, spends night in jail over objections to homosexual curriculum in son’s kindergarten class.

“Because of the same-sex marriage law people are treating this as a mandate to teach the youngest of children.”
– David Parker, parent of 6-year-old, arrested Apr. 27, 2005

‘Each month this reign of madness becomes more aggressive’ and people are to overwhelmed and intimidated to stand up and fight for their constitutional rights.[16]

Here is another example hot off the press and reported by Bill Muehlenberg in Culture Watch on the 6/6/16. The Christian parents of five children, who were seized by Norwegian child services seven months ago to “prevent” them from being “indoctrinated” with Christianity are soon to be released. The investigation reportedly started when the principal at the daughters’ school notified child services that she had concerns about the parents’ “very Christian” beliefs, fearing they needed “help and guidance” raising their children. Norway’s child welfare service, had begun the process of adopting out the five Bodnariu children it seized from their Pentecostal parents Marius and Ruth in November, according to the children’s uncle, Daniel Bodnariu.

So do we have education or indoctrination?  Australian politics has been focusing on a massive national campaign to “fix” the schools for the past decade or more. We have ultra high-tech, carpeted, air-conditioned school buildings with computers, electronic white boards television sets and DVD’s.  We have sports halls, velodromes and sports courts. We have education programs full of new ideas, new methods, and new directions.[17] But at least one in three Aussie students fell below the national baseline level for reading and science.[18] With all the programs and attention on education, how can this be possible unless … could it be the curriculum?

An article by Tom Weese provides the following information: –

As fantastic as it seems, the entire history of the education restructuring effort is carefully and thoroughly documented in a book called The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. The book was written by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, a former official at the Department of Education in the Reagan Administration details how the process to restructure America’s education system [and perhaps Australia’s seeing we scored least out of all the English speaking countries[19]] began at the beginning of the Twentieth Century and slowly picked up speed over the decades. The new system used psychology-based curriculum to slowly change the attitudes, values and beliefs of the students.

The new school agenda was very different from most peoples’ understanding of the purpose of education. William Carr, secretary of the Educational Policies Commission, clearly stated that new agenda when in 1947 he wrote in the “National Education Association Journal:” “The psychological foundations for wider loyalties must be laid…Teach those attitudes which will result ultimately in the creation of a world citizenship and world government… we can and should teach those skills and attitudes which will help to create a society in which world citizenship is possible.”


Dr. M. Donald Thomas perfectly outlined the new education system in an article in “The Effective School Report” entitled “Education 90: A Framework for the Future.” In this one outline, Dr. Thomas provides the blueprint for today’s education system that is designed to de-emphasis academic knowledge; establish the one-world agenda with the United Nations as its center and away from belief in national sovereignty; replace individual achievement with collectivist group-think ideology and invade the family with an “It takes a village” mind-set. Dr. Thomas’ outline for education is the root of why today’s children aren’t learning. These ideas permeate every federal program, every national standard, every textbook and every moment of your child’s school day.

A negative view of Christianity and the failure to recognise Western Civilisation and its significance and relevance to modern day Australia[20] also reveals a particular ideologically inspired curriculum driven by a political agenda here in Australia.

Agenda 21 and associated imported sustainability programs are shown to have been implemented extensively and pervasively, and by both major political parties and by all 3 levels of Government in every state of Australia for nearly 20 years. It shapes our legal system, our economic system, our environmental system, our political system, and even the education of our children[21].

Agenda 21’s plan for a universal education program and an unelected global government has been underway and undercover in Australia for a very long time and is clearly progressing very nicely.

Agenda 21 is a foreign pervasive program which has been designed by, and is monitored by, the United Nations. Implementation of AG21 therefore involves surrendering control, sovereignty, and human rights, to the UN.[22]

And our politicians, without the knowledge or permission of the overwhelming majority of Australians, have even seen fit to embed this foreign program into the school curriculum to ensure our children are indoctrinated with UN propaganda[23]

The choice is clear, continue to tolerate the surrender of Australia, as required by Agenda 21, and witness the steady decline of Australia’s democracy, sovereignty and prosperity or vote 1 Rise Up Australia Party to keep Australia Great for generations to come.

“Most people agree that globalization is taking place, the big elephant is in the room and everyone is examining and debating the various elements of it but if they were to step back a bit for a bigger perspective they would see that there is something on top steering this beast. It is clear that this small group of people pulling the worlds strings from behind the scenes have used deception, lies, fraud, conspiracy and trickery to achieve this system of control.  One has to wonder once the world is in their hands can it possibly be a good outcome for the rest of us”.[24]

Please don’t stand back – Australia needs you.  Please step forward and stand with the Rise Up Australia Party; together we can reclaim restore and keep Australia great for the generations to come.

Footnote:- What possible reason could there be for the global push to undermine the christian faith  and the natural family through ‘education’ and create a greater dependence on the state?  Answer: – greater control of the masses.

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