– Combatting the drug problems

There is more to come

Neil McKegancy writes in ‘Controversies in Drugs Policy and Practice, “Estimated to be worth some $400 billion a year, the drugs trade is second only to the arms industry in scale and outstrips the arms industry in terms of profitability” and furthermore, “the drugs trade also happens to be one of the greatest social, political and economic challenges we fact today”.

Sobering statistics especially considering facts such as there are a small number of producers to provide for the millions of consumers  with small overheads and

We have escalating drug and alcohol problems in the Bendigo electorate.  We need to reduce supply and demand simultaneously; to do this we must remove the so called ‘harm minimisation’ strategies out  of  our schools and replace them with successful ‘Quit’ programs such as ‘No Brainer’.  We need to increase border surveillance and protection to better intercept drug smugglers.  The results are in; if you legalise illicit drugs both the supply and the consumption of drugs increases dramatically; we must stand together against legalised illicit drug use.