‘Climate Change’

Here is a fabulous link https://medium.com/@pullnews/what-i-learned-about-climate-change-the-science-is-not-settled-1e3ae4712ace#.y1r69o7dv

We in the Rise Up Australia Party are committed to caring for our environment and maintaining the excellent quality of our air,  water and soil however here is a conundrum for all those who believe in man made climate change.

We had the Roman warm period (from 250 BC to AD 450) the Dark Ages cold period (AD 535 to AD 900 ), the medieval warm period (AD 900 to AD 1300 – warmer than the today period) and the little ice age (AD 135 to AD 1850) in which our earth went through extreme natural climate change hundreds of years before the industrial revolution.  And yet the post industrial revolution era is blamed for causing ‘climatic change’  due to the consumption of fossil fuels.  How could that be?

Answer = Human consumption of fossil fuels could not have been the cause of ‘climate change’ through the ages.

The earth clearly does not maintain a static climate.  This natural phenomena is thought to be due to a variety of phenomena such as solar radiation, the effect of the moons gravitational pull, the massive amounts of the suns cosmic rays and the extraterrestrial dust, tectonic plate movements, the effects of the gulf stream on weather patterns and emissions for carbon dioxide from volcanic eruptions.

The medieval warm period was warmer than our current climate and is also known as the medieval optimal period for obvious reasons – plant life flourished.   CO2 is not a pollutant but an essential molecule. Plants are more resistant to disease and survive with less water when CO2 is increased; more parts per million will reverse desertification and hunger around the world.  Increased carbon clearly does not harm the planet decreased carbon does harm the planet.

A pinnacle argument for ‘climate change’ was Michael Manns infamous ‘Hockey Stick Graphs’.  His graphs were proved faulty and totally unscientific. Michael Mann was sued and taken to court as a result.

The climate gate scandal was a series of leaked emails published on the internet proving that many ‘scientists’ on the IPCC board encouraged lying, exaggerating and intimidation to silence those, who in their eyes, were skeptics.

Al Gore, ex vice president of the USA, and director of the propaganda based documentary on climate change, ‘an inconvenient truth’ has refused to debate climate change with Lord Christopher Monckton on at least eight separate occasions.  Monckton successfully challenged Gore’s propaganda documentary in the UK court.  The court outcome was the documentary could not be shown in UK schools without 70 pages of corrections to accompany it.  Al Gore profits from ‘renewable energy’ to the tune of millions of dollars each year.  That fact gives us a clue to the ‘climate change’ scenario but wait – there’s more.

Agenda 21 and associated imported sustainability programs are shown to have been implemented extensively and pervasively, and by both major political parties and by all 3 levels of Government in every state of Australia for nearly 20 years. It shapes our legal system, our economic system, our environmental system, our political system, and even the education of our children[21].

Agenda 21 is a foreign pervasive program which has been designed by, and is monitored by, the United Nations. Implementation of AG21 therefore involves surrendering control, sovereignty, and human rights, to the UN.[22]

Agenda 21’s plan for  an unelected global government has been underway and undercover in Australia for a very long time and is clearly progressing very nicely founded, by necessity,  on the faulty premise of man made ‘climate change’.

Don’t be deceived.  We can’t keep swinging between the major parties and expect a different outcome.  Vote 1 Rise Up Australia Party to reclaim, restore and maintain Australia as a sovereign nation for generations to come.

Have you noticed the growing number of unelected global governments?  Australian’s must oppose all that progresses us toward global governance because a global governance will not act in your best interests or mine.

For example, from information collected from the ‘Gatestone Institute, we see that on May 31, the EU, in partnership with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft, unveiled a “code of conduct” to combat the spread of “illegal hate speech” online.  Critics say the EU’s definition of “hate speech” is so vague that it could include virtually anything deemed politically incorrect by European authorities, including criticism of mass migration, Islam or even the EU itself.  So we could conclude the new ‘code of conduct’ is to combat the spread of truth which is undermining their agenda.
In December 2015, the Commission unveiled plans for a new European Border and Coast Guard force that can intervene anywhere in the EU, even without the host country’s consent.  Don’t be deceived;  global governance is not the answer only the end goal.

Public anger is being fueled by the growing number of diktats (a statement or order that cannot be opposed) issued by the unelected officials running the Brussels-based European Commission, the powerful administrative arm which has been relentless in its usurpation of sovereignty from the 28 nation states that comprise the European Union.

Don’t be deceived – climate change is a necessary tool to create a global fear.  From this fear it is an easy step to promote an unelected global government with powers to override a nations sovereignty.

Don’t be deceived – Vote 1 Rise Up Australia Party to reclaim, restore and protect  your individual freedoms and Australia’s national sovereignty for generations to come.