Hi, my name is Sandra Caddy.

I have created this site because as a candidate contesting the 2016 Federal elections in the seat of Bendigo I need an avenue  where I can speak freely with out mainstream media intervention.


By main stream media intervention I mean distortions, omissions or even fabrications in relation to what I have written, said or done.  I have also experienced media intervention in the form of media refusal to place an advertisement or an editorial thereby maintaining a total blackout surrounding certain issues. 

Marriage was a hot topic for many this federal election.   I received individual email inquiries about my stance on marriage so I included information which showed children growing up with both their biological mum and dad have,  on average, better physical health, greater likelihood of a good relationship with their fathers, were less likely to engage in delinquent and criminal behavior and furthermore, were at less risk of dropping out of school, of experiencing domestic violence, of alcohol and substance abuse, psychological distress, mental illness and suicide than all other forms of family and for these reasons I will support traditional marriage. Nothing that I had written on marriage was published in the Bendigo Weekly meaning that two thirds of my editorial was completely deleted – not to mention the fact that the little that was published in the Bendigo Weekly was not until the day before the elections and after the three weeks of pre polling was over.  Furthermore the Bendigo Weekly also deleted this web address and the Party web address from my editorial despite the entire editorial, prior to hacking, was well within the given word limit.  This is of course is no surprise to me but many or the general public remain oblivious to the significant influence that mainstream media has on influencing social change and promoting group thinking and therefore control through their ‘meddling’.

Over the past four elections the media has not been any different.  It remains as no surprise to me that many who come to vote comment that they have not heard of the Rise Up Australia Party and if they have it is certainly not from a professional and unbiased perspective.

A few days ago a callers comment on an ABC radio went something like this : – my brother was one of the chiefs at a major London newspaper he always said, ‘Truth isn’t news and news isn’t truth’. That has certainly been my experience.